Progress Finishing before file sent.

Feb 13, 2012 at 1:02 AM

Hello, I already made a looot of research about this problem and I still have no result. I have this bug long time ago and I cant solve it!!

The problem is that my flajaxian uploader progress seems to finish before it sends the file to S3. That way, when the my end-users see the upload finish, he make a PostBack clicking on a button. But since the POST to amazon isnt finished, the postback caused by the user cuts the file POST to amazon. That way, the upload is broken and the file dosent get to S3.

Anyone can help me? Im struggling to get this working, and Im almost quitting to use flajaxian =( The components is working perfect for me, I have just this particular problem when a user make a fast postback after the progress get 100% (but the post wasnt really finished).


Thank you in advance,